My worst 3d printer Build

My worst 3d printer Build

So Far I made 3 builds.
First similar to hypercube but not exactly like a hypercube.

ctc clone

Although, I did not fully copy/make it like hypercube but I was motivated by its design and I did use some design parts of it.
So why worst build?
for me, the simplest answer would be because of the ratio of the print volume print is half of the printer. therefore, to that is a waste of the resources and bad design because with the same resources if you can redesign and make the print volume bigger with the same resources then you are a genius.

second build: My second build is a MakerBot replicator from Thingiverse.

For me, this build was a bit cheaper because of my campus helped me with the free acrylic sheet and laser cutting.
and used most of the parts I used from the previous build. e.g. motors and other parts etc.

Again this build has the similar problems with lots of others flows too.
Although, for me, this build was a cheaper one, but on the other hand I had too many issues tweaking and till now I have accuracy issue.
I fully understand that somehow, I did something wrong in this build either hardware or the firmware but till now I have not yet figured out.

Lastly: My Cr10 clone.

Although it is not the worst till now but I had many issues with it. in which I made series of the upgrades on my YouTube Channel

After the last upgrade, it is working fine but got my self into trouble again because of this printer.
there is a cr-10 clone on a Facebook group called cb-10, that guy has designed so I gave it a try.

so so I posted a photo of the build on Thingiverse with my own STL files.
Although I gave the link to the group in my summary section but he didn’t notice it.
and left his bad comment on my Thingiverse that I steal his files which really hurts my feeling because I had contacted him personally and asked him that I made a video of the build if I can post in the group which he denied and I respect his decision. but it really hurt my feeling which he accuses me of stealing his work.

that’s it for today 🙂

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