Creality 3D are in bad time over GPL Violation

As we all know Creality 3D have provided with the best Diy printer so far. In fact, Creality 3D were the top Manufacture by the end of 2017.
Now after a successful year, their new printer upgraded  Cr-10s got in a spot over GPL violation.
We all know 3d printing community growing at this time and with the good hardware, we also need a good software/firmware.

so why so hype over creality?

It is simply because of they are accused of using open source firmware (Marlin) for the commercial purposes.
The  TLDR on that license is free to use it but you need so long as supply code is furnished to the community using it without delay or upon request.
which Creality 3D failed to provide to its customers or back to the community.

but According to  Creality 3D “Actually, Creality doesn’t have the source code of CR-10S, we only got the HEX files for using.
And we need to pay RMB10.00 for every CR-10S we sold, as the respect to their achievement and the sponsor for their coming R&D items.
then they will keep updating the function and technical to us once they succeed in future.That’s the reason why Creality cannot provide CR-10S source code.”

What is  GPL?

This is probably the first time anyone has looked into this matter.

On the other hand, 3dprintingnerd also release a video on this issue. according to 3dprintingnerd, he will not promote affiliate links of any creality printers. He also changed title and thumbnail of his cr-10 review.
As far TH3D Studio I can understand and really cares about the violations.
however how Joel from 3dprintingnerd presented and his actions towards his changing thumbnail and title to me is a useless act because.he could make his video unlisted or private but no he links his review video at end of his video. and by changing its title to get more views only Joel will know.
My take on this is same goes with Tim from Th3D studio. we have to make those companies accountable for the Rights open source community.
but for me, I will not delete my affiliate links it’s still here.
you can also visit the Creality 3d website to know their take.
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