Cr10 3d printer clone upgrade story

I don’t really know how should I name this 3D Printer, just because it looks a bit like cr10. therefore I named it a CR10 clone.

So the design I made has a bit of fall.

The right side is a bit down and the left side is up as the lead screw is on the left. when I  print a design on it just compress the right side of the print.

I knew the force is not on the left side so I add another screw & nut to take more force from the other side so that the x-axis can be straight.  Even Leveling the bed can’t help because every layer goes up the right side will be lagging.  Even  Creality has changed their design of the printer by adding dual Z-axis to prevent this kind of malfunction. Even though their first printer did when to catch big numbers of customers.

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