CR 10 3D Printer clone

First of all, thank you all for being patient for the parts list and other information about the printer I made.
As I mention in the video that the printer parts are used from the last printer I build, due to various issues I could not make it work. therefore, I use those parts to make a printer which eventually looks like cr 10.

ctc cloneI made a jig for making the holes and use tap and die to make the base frame. if you guys have seen other printer like this they use screws to for mounting instead of corner bracket.

The aluminum profile I use is 20 by 20 and had to buy one 20by 40 for the heated bed. as can see the photo below I use 2020 profile to make it 2040 and other dimensions are as below. So can get an idea if are going to make one.

cr 10 clone
The printer parts are available on Thingiverse. You can see in the summary of the thing file most of the parts are from other creators which I use in this printer.
I have bought 13 bearing rollers 3 for each side, 3 for the extruder and 4 for the bed. The heated bed I needed and order were 300x300mm but end up getting 330x330mm. which cost me buying an extra acrylic plate for the bed support. For the Z-axis I use 500mm T8 on one side which is cost-effective, but with the design is shown in below photo needed improvement which I did upload to Thingiverse.

I have made a lot of trial and error test the reason for that is I Forgot to buy eccentric nuts and it is very hard to find and buy it here in Hong Kong, buying it from China is easy and cheaper but adding shipping cost and waiting time I just drill holes in it.

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I even tried making a plate with a 3d printer to make holes in the acrylic plate but fail. as I was missing eccentric nuts.

Once I finish assembly, I place the acrylic plate and cut part of it from one side.

After the assembly is finished its time for the electronics. You can use Arduino mega with RAMPS board or any other option available to you. But the main components that you will need are below.
I Hope this guide will help you get some idea and understand the process, I really apologize that I could not make a proper BOM for this build if you have any question ask in a comment below.

3 thoughts on “CR 10 3D Printer clone

  1. Bonsoir, tout comme vous je suis dans l’envie de me monter une 3D, en fait mon soucis n’est pas la mécanique, je bricole assez, et j’ai une bonne idée sur le concept, assez simple au demeurant, ne réclamant que de la précision… Disons que : la mécanique n’est pas le problème, en revanche le choix des composant SI ! La Tète, la programmation de la carte…
    Avez vous une idée pour le téléchargement du programme, de la configuration, etc… Et une chose aussi : le coût de tout cela n’est-il pas le même qu’une en kit ?
    Merci de me répondre si vous le voulez bien, et bon courage à vous !
    Cordialement, Gérard.

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