Anet E10 3D Printer Story/review

So after making my cr10 3d printer clone build, Gearbest contacted me for a Product review of Anet E10.
I was very surprised and excited at the same time to get a free product from Gearbest.
Although to me my presentation is not that good or professional to other Youtuber like ThomasSanladerer, 3D Printing nerd, maker Muse, Make anything, Rclifeon.
I mostly watch them as my research study and the thing I consider as good printing objects.
This is the first official or you can say pre-build printer  I received, Previously I make My first 3d printer like CTC, but due to lack of printed item and together with study and most importantly Space, I could not manage to make it work for me. But that was a good roast experience for me, not only because it didn’t work out but also I spent more money than required.  so what I did it to disassemble it and put it under my bed. then I made MakerBot replicator clone with help of my college they gave me a free acrylic sheet with free laser cut. those files are on Thingiverse.

the MakerBot Replicator is a good one but print volume is smaller taking everything into consideration I felt I can make it bigger, once I saw most of the above youtubers reviewing Creality Cr10, So a thought came into my mind “Why Don’t I make my own cr10”. therefore, I tried to search the internet and most of the 3D cad website to find if anyone else has done but none.

Then it took me almost one month to think and design and test the design with my research I found some belt tensioner on Thingiverse and extruder plate so my build finished but I could not find time to make BOM of it as it is most required thing for other makers to follow along, as I am working on improving those parts and hopefully will make another video of the build log then I can make Bom of the clone.
As for Anet E10, I really like it for now as it is my first official printer I can only compare it to other printers only if I have them together on the table.

hope I can write more here let me know in the comment.

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