my new 3d printer

I’m Currently busy with making a new 3D printer, the printer I’m making it almost looks like creality cr-10 and Tevo tarantula and also there is one more I forgot the name of the printer. I have almost finished the printer but there are some problem with the y axis setting because the heat bed is larger than that required it’s supposed to be 300mm x 300mm but the seller sent me larger then 300x300mm so I had to buy larger arcylic plate which cost me more then the actual budget.
so now  I can’t find any diagram of the heat bed to cut the acrylic plate to to Mount the heat bed on it .I’m looking for some more suggestions and hopefully I think I can finish it within this week but I have to do manything in uploading to YouTube or other social media. therefore, it may take more than one week or two the article I’m writing now is also a part of it.
I may not be uploading it to dreamdeveloper account due to some reasons, instead I will upload it to my personal account.  so stay tuned and subscribe my channel. 

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