How to create your first Android app

In This Artical I would show you how you can make your own Android app for the first time all you need to do is to install latest version of Android studio. then you shall know what are you making or you had any idea what you can make. So after installing Android Studio software, then you can launch the Android studio if you want to know how to install Android studio there are a lot of tutorial on YouTube you can follow.

Or if you want me to make a tutorial please leave a comment for it so after installing so after installing you can click file>new > new project. then you can give a name to your application and him in in company domain you can write anything you like at your own domain name with .com so it will give you a name like com.Your domain. Your applicationname. then click next but before that you can select your project location and click next then you can select the target or minimum SDK level of Android.

After selecting the minimum SDK incognito then you can select activity want the basic activity bottom navigation activity or empty activity in this article.Most of the time I would select empty activity after selecting an empty activity then click next then they’ll be name for the activity name as main activity and also layout name with the activity_main.XML  then click finish once you click finish it will take time to load all the after a while then you can see there are two files on his activity main. XML in one main activity.

When you click on activity_main.XML then you can click on design or text if you know how to call and you can click text and then add your own element otherwise you can select anything from the design menu like the grid/view list view table layout in a lot of other things but first you will see a hello world is a text and if you have emulator installed if you click run then it will run your application.  otherwise you have to install an emulator there are a lot of free emulator like bluestack genymotion and many other so now you have build your first Android application you can add a lot of othere functions to your app once you know what you want to make this article is first time testing for your opinion if you want me to do tutorial for you to learn about Android application . Please leave a comment you want me to share with you.

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